Major Development Proposed at Verney Junction

 Message and Update from Sue Renshaw March 2017:

Hi All,

Because of assorted rumours and conflicting information, regarding VALP and the possible 13,000 houses being built in the Verney Junction area, I thought I’d get clarification from a member of the AVDC Cabinet to explain what is happening, which I’ve copied below:

“We will know the outcome of VALP as soon as the Inspector’s report is published after the MEP. The Housing Minister, Gavin Barwell, told me last week that he wants us to get a Local Plan in place as soon as possible, which is why we are continuing with VALP as previously planned, 27,000 dwellings, etc. Officers are currently putting together a new timetable for Scrutiny, Cabinet and Council meetings to approve the pre-submission draft. The officers are looking at June, I’m pushing for May/June. The development management policies are complete, the sustainability assessment is being finalised, as is the deliverability report (how many dwellings can we actually deliver in a year). However, we will then have to review VALP in 18 months to 2 years’ time. The reason for this is that a new method of calculating housing requirements will be contained in a review of the NPPF, expected to be published before the summer recess. AVDC has been told not to wait for the new method of calculation, but to submit VALP now with the promise of an early review.

Verney Junction is not being looked at by AVDC at the moment. The reason for the early review is that in 2 years’ time we will have more information about the redevelopment of RAF Halton and how many dwellings that will provide, the route of the Oxford to Cambridge Expressway will have been determined, giving AVDC some certainty over where a new settlement could be located. (There are 3 possible routes for the Expressway: a southern route very close to Aylesbury – and Haddenham; a central route north of Aylesbury; and a northern route along the EWR corridor. The main problem for the National Infrastructure Commission is not the route through the Vale but how to bypass MK to the south and reach junction 13 of the M1 via Woburn, Aspley Guise, etc). The third variable is the timing of the delivery of EWR, which is now firmly linked into the delivery of HS2, since HS2 has to provide the ‘Calvert box’, where the two routes intersect. In two years’ time there should be more certainty on these three issues and a review of VALP using up to date data would be appropriate.

None of this information is confidential, so please let Parishes know what is going on, to refute any misinformation. ”
I hope this information will put minds at rest and if you have any further queries, please let me know.

Cllr. Sue Renshell
Winslow Ward representing:
Addington, Adstock, Padbury, Winslow
Vice-Chairman Aylesbury Vale District Council
Tel: 01296 715105
Also latest News on:

The 3 possible routes for the A421 Expressway according to the latest strategic study should read:

a) north following the existing A421 and A4421 via Buckingham and Bicester
b) central along the East West Rail line
c) south following the existing A418 via Wing, Aylesbury and Haddenham

The Parish Council have received notice of major development plans which we feel our parish must oppose with some vigour.  The map supplied shows an area from A421 north of Addington right down to Sandhill and to the very edge of East Claydon, east to the Electric Sub station and up nearly into Winslow.  Plan for the area is 10,000 houses.

The Parish Council will discuss this matter and take concerns from parishioners at the next council meeting .  .  Please send your views to the parish council using our email address & join us to voice your opinions about this proposal and help form our response.
Attached images of documentation give further details:

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