Agenda Parish Council


I hereby give you notice that the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council of the above-named Parish will be held in East Claydon Village Hall, on THURSDAY 18 MAY 2017 following the Annual Parish Meeting
All members of the Council are hereby summoned to attend for the purpose of considering and resolving upon the business to be transacted at the Meeting as set out hereunder.

Carole Jackman
Clerk to the Parish Council
Dated: 11 May 2017


Open Forum for Parishioners (under adjournment): 15 minutes for Members and members of the public to raise questions, make comments, suggest future agenda items etc. Items requiring decisions must be included in the next agenda.
1. Apologies: to receive Councillors’ apologies and approve reasons for absence
2. Declarations of Interest: to invite Councillors’ Declarations of Interest
3. Confirmation of co-opted Councillor
4. Resignation of Councillors B Cable and E Turnbull
5. Minutes of Parish Council Meeting held on 16th March 2017: to approve the minutes
6. Matters Arising – From Item 3 not on the Agenda: For Information.
7. Planning Applications – to review applications, decisions and correspondence and give responses
17/01681/APP – 5 Chestnut View East Claydon Buckinghamshire MK18 2LT
Two storey rear extension
Applicant: Mr & Mrs Kitchen
Deadline for comment: 8th June
17/00610/APP: Demolition of two former farm buildings and erection of four dwellings New Farm 2 St Marys Road East Claydon Buckinghamshire MK18 2NA
Applicant: Mr B Heenan
Deadline for comment: 2nd June 2017
8. Playground – to discuss maintenance issues
9. School expansion – to receive update
10. Village Speed Limit –to receive update
11. Roads\ Pathways – to receive update
12. Grass\Tree\Hedge cutting – to receive any updates
13. Verney Garden Village – to receive update
14. BCC \ AVDC To receive update on BCC proposals for streamlining local government in Buckinghamshire
15. Finance and Accounts:
a. Finance Report – To note payments, inspect invoices and scrutinize bank statements;
b. 2016-17 Annual Return – to approve Governance Statement
c. 2016-17 Annual Return – to approve Annual Return
d. Confirm insurance renewal with Came & Company
16. Village hall redevelopment – To receive update
17. Broadband – to receive update on snagging
18. Litter Pick – to receive update
19. Best Kept Village Competition – to receive update
20. Pump House Roof – to receive update
21. General Correspondence – To review general correspondence received, note correspondence written and decide actions and responses
22. Any Other Business – For information and at the discretion of the Chairman any items to be added to the agenda for the next meeting