Congratulations, ultrafast broadband is here
Dear Householder

We are delighted to announce that your community has reached the final number of orders needed to secure the installation of

Points to note

  • We will install a fibre-optic network connection point (pot) at the boundary of every property we pass, not just those that sign up. Our specialist contractors will mark and place the pot in the most appropriate location outside the boundary of your property according to our network design.
  • Once the construction is finished, only the cabinet and the lid over each connection point (pot) at each property boundary will be visible. Everything else will be underground.
  • Full reinstatement of all affected areas will be made on completing the network build to Highways Authority and Utilities Committee standards.

How will the work progress

When will you take any money from me?
Customers will not be charged until their service is installed and working in their property. At that point, we will collect the connection fee, the remainder of the current month’s service rental and the next month’s rental in advance. Please note that for self-install customers, the service subscription starts automatically two weeks after their self-installation kit has been delivered.

How do I make best use of the service?
If you are a customer and have not done so already, please download your customer welcome pack, as this will give you useful and important information about what to do and where best to have your router installed.

What about a telephone service?
If you require a landline telephone, we recommend the Vonage service. You can find information about their phone services by visiting: or calling Vonage free of charge on: 0808 178 9620. If you tell them you are a Gigaclear customer they will waive the connection fee saving you £10. Vonage provides a landline telephone service over your Gigaclear broadband, using your existing telephones. In most cases you can keep your existing number. Please DO NOT sign up to Vonage until your Gigaclear service has been installed. They are very efficient and once you have signed up your telephone adapter will generally arrive within 2 days and then you start paying your monthly subscription.

Please note that you should not ask Vonage to transfer your number until your Gigaclear service is up and running as your landline will stop working once that transfer is complete. Do not cancel your telephone service if you intend to port your number, this will happen automatically as part of the port process.

If you would like to place an order, please visit: