village hall3

community meeting

Involvement of the local community is an important part of the VDS and a well attended public meeting was held in the village hall. They discussed what they would like included in the final document and to identify what they valued most in the village and what they liked least. These ideas have been included in this document wherever possible.

In 2011 the Parish Council undertook a survey of the Parish as part of consultations on the Vale of Aylesbury District plan. There was a 40% response rate.  The survey demonstrated that 50% of the residents who completed the survey were over 55 years old, but it did give a snapshot of opinion in the villages.

The survey revealed a large number were owner occupier, nearly 75% have lived here for 5 years, 60% for over ten years. The overwhelming reason for moving to the villages and settling was the quiet lifestyle. Other factors included the good environment, good school catchment area and easy access to the commercial centres of Milton Keynes and Aylesbury.

People cherished the peaceful style of village life although some lamented the lack of amenities in the village; no shop, bus services, and the nearest GP surgeries are in Winslow or Steeple Claydon. In general the prevailing view was that if you want access to those amenities Milton Keynes or Aylesbury would suit you better as a place to live.

Regarding future development, 66% of the survey wanted fewer than 10 additional dwellings in the next ten years, with a substantial minority wanted no development t at all. The issue of building development was highlighted in many responses and obviously aroused strong emotions.

Better broadband was the most popular infrastructure requirement, asked for improvement to bus services and roads. Several expressed a wish for the return of a village shop.