What is a Village Design Statement

east claydonVillage Design Statements (VDSs) are intended to provide an assessment of village character and local distinctiveness as valued by local people. They are prepared by the local community, provide an illustrated record of local distinctiveness and make recommendations to guide the design of future development. Village Design Statements are intended to complement the existing District Design Guides by providing more detailed information with a strong local context. Therefore a VDS would be an appropriate document to develop if the main concern within the parish is to control the design of future development. A VDS containing relevant planning information would be regarded as a material planning consideration to be taken into account when considering a planning application. Generally speaking, documents prepared with the Council’s input and subject to public consultation, tend to have more weight as material considerations.
Source:  AVDC; Click Here

It’s value can be summarised as follows:

The following objectives are set out for Village Design Statements:view websave

● to describe the distinctive character of the village and the surrounding countryside;
● to show how character can be identified at three levels – the landscape setting of the village, – the shape of the settlement, – the nature of the buildings themselves;
● to draw up design principles based on the distinctive local character;
● to work in partnership with the local planning authority in the context of existing local planning policy, and to influence future policies.
The objectives and principles set out are applicable to rural settlements of all sizes (as opposed to larger urban areas). However, the detailed guidance on the process of preparing a Village Design Statement has been written with a ‘typical’ village in mind, and may need to be adapted to meet the needs of a particularly large or particularly small settlement