Apology about the Chaos caused by Cycle race on Sunday

The following apology was received from the Organisers of the cycle race:

” I am totally and utterly appalled by the behaviour; I can only apologise profusely, I turned all the lights, off, and must have inadvertently left the toilet ones on, my apologies. I didn’t know there were any heaters to turn on and off? So again my apologies for the oversight, I agree the parking was not ideal, due to the field being flooded, and with retrospect, it is probably fine for a Time Trial event, but not for a mass start road race. Please highlight my heartfelt apologies, and I will message the competitors to outline that the behaviour brings the sport into disrepute.

I think it is important to realise the weather conditions changed a parking environment that is normally concealed by the field to something akin to Piccadilly circus.

The behaviour and inconsiderately parked cars are hugely unacceptable and will be dealt with, and I am so so sorry about the oversight when I closed the hall up (I tried to left it as I find it hence the sweeping up etc)

Apologies, and I understand your frustration.


speedwatchAlso concerned about

the speeding in our villages…?

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St. Mary’s Church East Claydon

 “Music in Quiet Places”

Music for Flute, Viola and Harp with works by Debussy

  • Tickets £10
  • Refreshments during interval
  • Preconcert walk round village from the church at 6.30pm

Tickets on door and for advance tickets and info please contact;

  • Elspeth O’Halloran Tel 712588
  • Esther Turnbull Tel 712127
  • Martin Paul Tel 713204




EAST CLAYDON footpaths map

 Modernising Local Government

There are two conflicting proposals being offered to the residents of Buckinghamshire. One is from Bucks County Council, the other option is from Aylesbury Vale District Council and the District Councils in the south of the County. Click Here to read the Options