Claydons Solar Action Group formed

A new ‘Claydons Solar Action Group’ has been formed to ensure the community has its say in the forthcoming consultations with the proposed 2,100-acre Rosefield Solar Farm to be developed mainly on the Verney Estate. If you’d like to be involved or would like to get in touch please see their website for more information or ‘Like’ or ‘Follow’ their Facebook page ‘Claydons Solar Action Group’.

3 thoughts on “Claydons Solar Action Group formed”

  1. Is there a way that we can obtain a full list of existing and planned solar farms for north Bucks?

    Perhaps we need to see the fuller destructive picture and see the reality of the potential damage to our countryside.

  2. I see that the Tuckey Farm project has already been approved. It looks as though the plan is to surround us completely.

  3. As stated by their team. This company has no interest in anything other than Solar. Wind Turbines hold no interest for them. “We are a Solar Company”. “We have purchased an option on the lease of the land”.

    If we want to stop this we probably need to compromise. (A small wind farm would produce a similar amount of electricity).

    1. We would need to get a contractor interest.
    2. Verney would lose expected income from the solar farm lease and therefore not allow the turbines on his land.

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