Our Community

Within the Claydons there is a strong sense of community with many organised activities that bring people together. Whether this be a film night, theatre in the village, quiz night or a fundraising events organised by the Friends of East Claydon C of E School.

In 1900 that the Verney family made a major contribution to the community by building the Public Library It was opened by Lady Joan Verney in the same year.

In later years this was taken over by the Parish Council to become the Village Hall. This has become the centre of parish activities. Within the Hall The Mushroom Village Bar has been serving the community for over 30 years as the local bar. It is run by volunteers who give their time to manage the Club. Early Friday evenings has become a popular family event to which all are welcome.

In 1909 the Verney family built the new village school. Built in the “Verney Style” it created a spacious and excellent environment. It provides for children from Pre-school up to Year 2. The high standards achieved create demand for places from surrounding villages as well as the Claydons.

The sense of community was clearly demonstrated when the villages celebrated the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2013. A family service at the Church was followed by a children’s tea party and games. In the evening a celebration dinner dance was held in the Hall culminating with a beacon bonfire and fireworks in the fields opposite. To leave a lasting legacy to the celebration the Mushroom Tree on St Mary’s Road by Church Walk footpath was re-thatched funded by donations from the community.

In the centre of the village the Tower Clock stands between the Village Hall and the Village School. On the clock tower a plaque explains its origin: Erected by the Friends and Parishioners of Sir Edmund Verney in remembrance of his work for the welfare of the Parish his gift of the Hall and Library.”

The clock tower was built in 1913. It has one face for each community. To the north side of the tower is East Claydon School. On the south side of the Tower lies Botoph Claydon, with the Village Hall. The Verney family, of Claydon House had built both the school and village hall including a Public library, well-stocked with books at the family’s expense.

In 2014 the clock has been fully renovated and repaired into full working order including reinstating the bell chimes.

Newly rethatched Mushroom Tree, East Claydon

East Claydon Parish lies within the Aylesbury Vale in Buckinghamshire, two and a half miles south west of Winslow, eight miles from the historic larger market town of Buckingham.

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