Dog Poo

It seems almost unbelievable that yet again we have to write to residents to remind you that it is your duty to clear up after your dog. This is a particular problem in East Claydon despite the fact that we have installed additional Dog Bins. We have received lots of complaints about the path and verges between the playground and the Church. There is no longer – if there ever was – any excuse for dog poo on the pavements or grass verges.

Just a reminder that the AVDC web site says – ‘…those found guilty of allowing their dogs to dirty a public space will be issued with a fixed penalty notice of £75’.

We are a small community and generally life goes on how we all want it to – but this is a horrible problem which can be easily solved. So if you have a dog please be responsible for its actions.

Thank you                                                                                December 2016

East Claydon Parish Council

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