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East & Botolph Claydon entries on the Local Heritage List

Buckinghamshire Council is generating a ‘Local Heritage List’.  This aims to “identify locally significant, so-called non-designated heritage assets and to celebrate their contribution to local identity and character.” NB This is different to the Conservation Area or statutory listings and designations (eg, Grade I, II, and II* Listed Buildings) which have particular implications with planning applications involving changes to the structure or to the setting of the Listed property.  Rather, the Heritage List is a statement of what the community considers important in defining the character and heritage of the area.

‘Assets’ can be buildings (or groups of buildings), monuments, artworks, milestones, agricultural features, archaeological sites, etc.

Why do this?  Listing as a heritage asset will be a material consideration in the determination of planning applications affecting the fabric, character or setting of the asset. Assets will be afforded consideration in the planning process and will help to inform future local policies and the creation of Neighbourhood Plans.

In assessing candidates for inclusion in the list, factors such as age, rarity, architectural or archaeological interest, historic interest, group value and landmark status are taken into consideration. Structures not on the National Listed Buildings can be included with Listed Buildings as part of a group.

Key considerations in selecting items for inclusion in the list are:

  • Assets visually illustrative of their period(s), which have aesthetic value, or which are innovative in their construction or design.
  • Assets that provide good insight into past human activity.
  • Assets that have historical associations, for example with notable figures (including architects, designers or people who were influential in local or national life) or events, or which reflect social history.
  • Assets that are valued by the community, relate well to local character or which include regional materials or construction methods.

Submissions need to be supported by evidence and they are assessed by a panel before acceptance onto the list.

East Claydon Parish Council has compiled a list of suggested candidates for inclusion on the Heritage List. These can be viewed in the below link. Please take a few moments to look through them and send any comments, criticisms, or further information to parishclerk@theclaydons.org by 24th September.

Thank you.

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  1. Esther Turnbull

    Historically this was known as Church Walk, not Path. Numerous minutes taken at the church vestry and parish meetings refer to it as Church Walk. Prior to the formation of the Parish Council, it used to be the Church’s responsibility to maintain it.

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