Parish Council Agenda


at 8pm on THURSDAY 20 MAY 2021 


(The Annual Parish Meeting will be held prior to the next Parish Council meeting on 17 June) 

Admission to the village hall will be limited – Social distancing will be enforced 

Hand sanitizer must be used and face masks must be worn 

Carole Jackman 

Clerk to the Parish Council 

Dated: 14 May 2021 

Open Forum for Parishioners (under adjournment): 15 minutes for Members and members of the public to raise questions, make comments, suggest future agenda items. Items requiring decisions must be included in the next agenda. 

1 Parish Council Election: To confirm uncontested result 

2 Apologies: to receive Councillors’ apologies and approve reasons for absence 

3 Election of Chairman 

4 Election of Vice-Chairman 

5 Allocation of Responsibilities 

Community Board and sub-groups 

6 Confirmation of Clerk as Responsible Financial Officer 

7 Members Interests: to receive any personal and/or pecuniary interests declared by the Councillors. 

8 Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 15 April 2021: to approve the minutes 

9 Matters Arising: From item 8 not on the agenda 

10 Planning: to review applications and decisions 10.1 Planning Applications 

21/01534/PIP | Permission in Principle – Proposed development of 5 dwellings | Land Off Hinton Close East Claydon Buckinghamshire 

21/01354/APP | Erection of stand-alone single storey modular building, temporary parking area, new path, rain garden, relocation of fencing and associated works | East Claydon School St Marys Road East Claydon Buckinghamshire MK18 2LS 

11 Finance and Accounts 11.1 Finance Report: to note payments, inspect invoices and scrutinise bank statements 

11.2 Annual Governance and Accountability Return (AGAR) 2020-2021 

11.3 Purchase of new dog bin 

11.4 Insurance renewal 

11.2.1 AGAR Annual Governance Statement 2020/21 

11.2.2 AGAR Accounting Statements 2020/21 

12 Village Hall: to receive updates 

13 Playground: to receive updates 

14 School Car Park 

15 Roads and Footpaths: to receive updates including: 

Safety issues with The Triangle Verges and hedge cut backs 

Sandhill road closure 

16 Coronavirus Issues: to receive updates 

17 Community Boards: to receive updates 

18 EWR/HS2 Report on Community Board HS2/EWR Working Group 

19 EWR 20 is Plenty initiative 

20 Proposed new prison Grendon /Springhill 

21 General Correspondence 

22 Any Other Business: For information and at the discretion of the Chairman any items to be added to the agenda for the next meeting 

23 Date of Next Meeting: to agree next Parish Council meeting at 8pm on Thursday 17 June 2021 in the village hall