Village Defibrillator

Our emergency telephone line: 01296 340350

How it may work:

  • You are alone with someone who has collapsed.
  • You phone 999
  • The operator tells you that the paramedics are being dispatched and you should start resuscitation (CPR).
  • The operator will then remind you that there is a defibrillator in the porch of the Village Hall and ask if there is anyone who can collect it.
  • If there is no one else with you then you would use the village emergency line 01296 340350 to summon help whilst you stay and continue resuscitation.
  • The person who answers the emergency line will be one of the nine volunteers on the scheme.

The phone line is intended for use in an emergency and primarily in conjunction with our portable defibrillator as a means of asking someone to collect it if you are alone with a casualty. The emergency phone number rings each of our 9 volunteers at once and allows you to speak to the first to pick up. You should not expect them to have any first aid or medical experience but they can be another pair of hands.

Our volunteers are:
Gareth Williams
Roger Dickson
Bridget Lewis
Gary Baldwin
Martin Hughes
Esther Turnbull
Jenny Walker
Peter Wright
Martin Paul

The emergency phone line has been organised by the Community Heartbeat Trust as part of their VETS (Village Emergency Telephone Scheme) and paid for by the Parish Council.

East Claydon Parish lies within the Aylesbury Vale in Buckinghamshire, two and a half miles south west of Winslow, eight miles from the historic larger market town of Buckingham.
Buckinghamshire Best Kept Village Competition -  Awarded Merit 2023

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