Wednesday Winslow Market Service 

We are now running the Wednesday Winslow Market Service.  Due to government restrictions, and the need to keep yourselves and our drivers safe, we have put in place strict guidelines for our drivers and passengers.

To comply with current 1 metre + social distancing, we have removed some seats as we are only able to transport 6 passengers at any one time. It will also be impossible to use the tail lift while maintaining a socially safe distance, so you will need to be able to board the bus unaided using the main door. The bus has been professionally cleaned ahead of resuming our service and we will ensure that the bus will be cleaned by our drivers between each scheduled journey, using alcohol-based cleaning products.

We are providing this limited service on the strict understanding that passengers travel entirely at their own risk. While we have made every effort to make the bus as safe as possible to travel in, we ask that all passengers follow the below guidelines:

  • Your place on the journey must be pre-booked by calling the WDCB Coordinator on 01296 715786 | 07483336440
  • We will not accept cash on the bus, so any payment must be organised prior to the journey with the WDCB Coordinator
  • You must complete a Contact Form prior to the journey and give it to the driver (you will only need to do this for your first journey). This will only be used as part of the track and trace process.
  • Face coverings must be worn whilst boarding and travelling on the bus
  • Hand sanitiser must be used before boarding the bus and when leaving your seat to exit the bus (sanitiser supplied on the bus)
  • You must take the rear-most available seat when boarding the bus
  • You must exit the bus one at a time, with the front seats exiting first

Passengers are not to travel on the bus if they or any member of their household are displaying any signs of the COVID-19 virus.

Should you develop COVID-19 symptoms in the days following your journey on the bus, you must let the WDCB Coordinator know.

Our aim is to restart all of our scheduled routes over the coming months.

Excursions and hires remain suspended for the foreseeable future.

Wednesday Winslow Market Service Timetable

Route 54a – Swanbourne, Mursley, Lt Horwood

Stops Outward Return
Winslow, Vicarage Road n/a 11.20
Swanbourne, Village Hall 09.34 11.26
Mursley, War Memorial 09.38 11.30
Lt Horwood, bus stop 09.43 11.35
Winslow, Magpie Estate 9.47 11.39
Winslow, Vicarage Road 9.49 n/a

Route 54b – Gt Horwood, Whaddon, Nash

Stops Outward Return
Winslow, Vicarage Road n/a 11.45
Gt Horwood, Church n/a 11.51
Whaddon, School 10.02 12.00
Nash, opp Church 10.06 12.04
Gt Horwood, Church 10.10 n/a
Winslow, Vicarage Road 10.16 n/a

Route 54c – The Claydons

Stops Outward Return
Winslow, Vicarage Road n/a 12.15
East Claydon, Dead Tree n/a 12.22
Middle Claydon, Church 10.26 12.26
Steeple Claydon, The Fountain 10.30 12.30
Botolph Claydon 10.36 12.36
East Claydon, Dead Tree 10.38 n/a
Winslow, Vicarage Road 10.45 n/a